No country for Girls

No Country for Girls Emma Styles

On the face of things, No Country for Girls seems like a straight-forward Aussie thriller, there’s a ute, and a dust road, flip flops and beer, but once you get reading, NCfG develops a personality all of its own. 

It’s got a fresh style, doesn’t shy away from using vernacular language and doesn’t try to sanitise the Australian Outback or make it more palatable by using traditional or accepted literary styles. It takes a daring approach to telling a gritty story, laser focusing in on those late teenage years and presents these girls in a way that feels genuine. The story and the characters fit perfectly together and even though the main character makes some bad life choices I totally believed those would be the choices she would make.

But this thriller is definitely not a travel guide. I’ve never been to Australia, and literally the only concept I have of the country comes from TV and books and I don’t think it’s that accurate, but Style’s the pics in Australia had never really seen before, warts and all really. I often think Australia is just a warm version of Britain but after reading this book a definitely have a different feel for the place.

At first it can be difficult to read a story that doesn’t immediately try to seduce you with beautiful language or some sort of thrilling premise, and There is a little bit of chewing to be done here. on the first two or three pages I wasn’t really sure how I’d get along with the story especially mixed with the slang, but a minute later I felt like I had known the place and the characters my whole life I was totally invested in what was going to happen to them. 

From plant life scents, to the screen door hanging and scrape of flip-flops flopping, the burnt rubber, along with the mix of vernacular I quickly fell for the girls. I read on because I desperately wanted to know what happens next. The story and the style definitely ended up getting five stars from me. 

Thank you Emma Styles and Netgalley for the ARC!

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