Do you have a book in you that you can’t seem to get out on paper?

Are you a professional who would like to add a book title to your resume?

Has an experience in your life given you insight into a topic you wish share with others? 

There are a hundred reason to write a book, short story or novel, but unfortunately there are also a hundred reasons why it is just not that easy. Writing a book of say, 80,000 words, takes the kind of time that most working people, or people with families (or social lives) don’t have. It also takes talent and a vast skill set which usually takes many years to amass. While many people will dismiss this last point (surely anyone can write if they have the time), you can check this fact by downloading a couple of samples from an e-book website. The market is currently flooded with self-published books, most of which are poorly planned, written, edited (if they ever were) and finished. As a result, no matter how much marketing their proud writers buy for them, they will never sell more than a handful to friends and family.

While this is a very sorry state, and I do feel badly for the people who pour their heart, soul and time into these works, it is to be expected. You wouldn’t expect to be able to design your own home, to have it pass through planning permission, if you weren’t a trained architect and planning and writing a book is very similar. A book needs a structure and a design, implemented by someone who understands the physics of what is required to create a sturdy and attractive frame. You can tell your architect what you want in your new home, out of which materials you wish it to be but and you can even give them a sketch to work from…and in that respect, they are not too different from a ghost writer.Typewriter

How Much Does it Cost?

Basically, that’s why you’re here. You want to know what it costs to receive your beautiful, finished book in your hands. Naturally, the cost is reflective of how much work I will need to do to finish your book. However, to someone not experienced in writing, this can be difficult to understand. So, below, I’ve included so examples of inquiries I’ve received and my responses.

Example: “I’ve started a Private Detective book and got about a quarter of the way through (10,000 words). The main character is based on a friend of mine who has since passed away and I want to release the book as a kind of tribute to him. So far, it’s really good but I’ve been stuck on it now for 6 months and I’m not sure how to go any further. Can you help me reach 40k. What would this cost and how long would it take?”

Answer: “If you send me what you already have, plus the outline, I will do a read through and see if it’s already on track and can be finished or if I will need to re-write the first 10,000 words. I would also need you to write a couple of thousand words about your friend and his personality, so I can get to know him. The cost of writing 30,000 words, which includes the first draft, editing and polishing and proofreading would be $2,700 based on $0.09 per word (Yes! I’m that cheap!) To re-write the book to 40,000 words would cost $3,600. To this I add a $1,000 for the ground work i.e. the research. This would be invoiced first before we begin writing based on the delivery of a polished chapter outline for your approval. 

Example: “I would like to publish a crime novel as soon as possible. I would like it to be set in London, England and written in British English. I’m very flexible on the subject and plot, but don’t want any London gangsters, rather, upper class and posh types. How long would it take to produce the book and what would it cost, please?”

Answer: “A typical crime novel runs at around 80,000 words and my price per word is $0.09 (Wow, really? Yes, really!). So the writing cost would be $7,200 before research. However, as I am already very familiar with London and some of her characters, the research portion of this work would be relatively straight forward for me. Therefore, an additional fee for preliminary research which would include the production of a detailed plot would be $1,000 payable before the principle writing begins. For a work of this size, I would block out three months. However, this will also need to be scheduled…”

So as you may have noticed from the above text, I am wonderfully cheap! I actually get a lot of flack from other ghostwriters for undercutting the market, but honestly, we’re offering a different service. If you’ve seen adverts for other GW offering a full sized novel for $40-80,000 you’ll see I’m offering the service for a quarter of the cost. The reason for this is that I tend to try to keep reviews to a minimum. I do everything which I can to obtain your approval and blessing before I start writing. That way, I don’t need to send you every chapter for reading, to have you want certain sentences removed or re-worded. I don’t have to insert or remove characters you don’t love.

While this sounds harsh, as if you’ll be receiving a substandard product, that is not the case. I’m simply trying to provide the ghostwriting service to a different possibly wider market. Writing a book based on your story idea or your life,n’t should be reserved for those who can lay down almost a hundred grand in fees. What’s more, many ghostwriting companies are charging more than me to outsource the work to writers in India who often don’t produce the work as expected. So why not get a great, native ghostwriter for half the cost of one found through an agency?

So if you have a book in you desperately fighting its way out, drop me a line and let’s talk.

Lissa Pelzer