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Dead Memories Blog Tour – Okay Panic


So the review copies are out and the waiting begins… Okay cue anxiety attack. It’s too late too change anything now. They’ll either love it or hate it. If there was anyway to buy a thicker skin, I’d be out shopping right now.

Because there’s nothing quite like writing in a bubble – The only critic is the one in your head – okay, she’s bad enough. But now the waiting begins. Fingers crossed. Let’s see what they say…

Dead Memories (Carol Ann Baker 2)

On the road and on the run, Lilly Lessard has nowhere to go and no one to turn to. What’s she going to do? What she’s always done. Grab ahold of whatever comes her way and hope to hell it doesn’t bite – too hard.

She’s not the only one who’s been dealt a bum deal in life. Roger Brown is a small town boy with big town aspirations. Maybe Lilly is just the girl to help him out.

But nothing ever goes to plan. And sometimes, it’s hard to remember exactly what that plan was.

In this, the second installment in the Carol Ann Baker series, Carol Ann Baker a.k.a Lilly Lessard, is going to find out, she’s not the only one who can pull the wool over people’s eyes.

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Who is friend, and who is foe? There’s only one way to find out!


Available on pre-release from September 15th 2016