Carol Ann Baker

Dead Memories


Don’t you wish sometimes that you could just close your eyes and start again? With two counts of murder under her belt and Detective Davis after her, teenager Lilly Lessard has done just that. She’s taken her dead friend, Janine Kenny’s ID and scholarship and she’s off to California.

But when a traffic accident leaves her with amnesia and only Janine’s ID in her pocket, things take a turn for the surreal. Her caseworker wants to know why her memories don’t match her history. The hospital candy stripper has noticed her hair appears blonde at the roots when it should be black. And who is this man who wants to help her get to California, who is willing to sneak her out in the dead of night? Can he help her get back some of her dead memories?

“Dead Memories will grab a hold of you from the very first page and won’t let go until you have turned that last page.” Nancy Allen (The Avid Reader)

“I could not put down this page turner” Blogger Dana Busenbark

“A high tension Thriller with a traditional feel” Blogger Tonja Drecker



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No More Birthdays (Carol Ann Baker 1)


At a film fes
tival in a small mid-western city, runaway teenager Lilly Lessard has shown up looking for old-boy, con man Bobby Alvin.


They used to be close, ‘Eating dinner together in nice restaurants all over town,’ as Detective Susan Davis puts it, but something went wrong. He’s been avoiding her ever since her last birthday. Detective Davis reckons it’s because she turned seventeen. She knows that Bobby likes them young. Because Davis has been on his case for years, following him through an acquitted murder trial, watching him sending young girls around the country. She knows he’s as guilty as sin and she’s just waiting for the right pieces to fall into place.

Lilly knows he’s no good too, desperate, dangerous and greedy to boot, but that doesn’t matter. He owes her money and has promises she expects to be kept.

But the closer she gets to Bobby, the closer Davis gets to them both. They’re all playing their hands close to their chests and everyone’s got secrets to hide.

But Lilly’s about to find out, the worst type of secret its the one you keep from yourself.




“If you’re looking for a faced paced, gripping story with lots of twists and turns then this is the book for you.” Chellsbookreviews

“Wonderful, gritty, with the feel of the 1950’s noir novels, “No More Birthdays” is a must read for all crime fiction fans out there.” Reader Review.

“Stylish and Gripping. Not Your Average Crime Novel.” Book Lovers Reviews